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Favor- PS6500 - Smart Massage Chair

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Elevate Your Relaxation with Ultimate Massage Chair

Indulge in the Unparalleled Comfort and Advanced Features

  1. Super Longer 51.6" SL Track: Enjoy a massage experience that covers an extensive range, providing ultimate relaxation from head to toe. The Super Longer SL Track ensures comprehensive coverage for a truly rejuvenating experience.

  2. 4D Robot Hand: Revel in the precise and soothing touch of our advanced 4D Robot Hand, designed to emulate the hands of a skilled masseuse. Experience a lifelike massage that caters to your unique needs.

  3. AI Smart Voice Control: Navigate your massage experience effortlessly with intelligent voice control, allowing you to tailor your session with simple commands. Enjoy a hands-free and seamless interaction with your massage chair.

  4. Al Soreness Detection: Experience targeted relief as the chair detects sore areas and adjusts the massage focus for personalized comfort. Benefit from a massage that specifically addresses areas of tension and discomfort.

  5. Auto Body Scanning: Benefit from personalized massages with automatic body scanning, ensuring each session is tailored to your unique body shape. The chair intelligently adapts to your body contours for a customized and effective massage.

  6. Distance & Brightness Adjustable LCD Touch Screen: Tailor your massage environment with the convenience of adjusting screen distance and brightness for an optimal visual experience. Personalize the visual aspects of your massage session for enhanced comfort.

  7. 27 Auto Massage Modes: Explore a variety of therapeutic sessions with 27 pre-programmed massage modes, catering to different relaxation preferences. Choose from a diverse range of massage options for a personalized experience.

  8. Included Fascia Gun Function: Unwind further with the included fascia gun function, providing additional relief and relaxation. Experience the benefits of targeted fascia release during your massage sessions.

  9. Combinable 13 Massage Techniques: Combine massage techniques to create a customized and comprehensive massage experience tailored to your preferences. Enjoy the versatility of 13 massage techniques for a bespoke relaxation session.

  10. 5 Adjustable Massage Intensity: Personalize your massage intensity with five adjustable levels, ensuring a comfortable and effective session. Tailor the massage to your preferences for optimal relaxation.

  11. 5 Adjustable Airbag Pressure: Enjoy a customizable massage experience with five levels of airbag pressure, providing gentle or more invigorating massages. Adjust the airbag pressure to suit your comfort level.

  12. 25 White Noises: Drift into tranquility with 25 ambient white noise options, enhancing your overall relaxation experience. Create a serene atmosphere that complements your massage session.

  13. Manual Adjustment Shoulder Massage: Indulge in a targeted shoulder massage with manual adjustments, addressing specific areas of tension. Customize the shoulder massage to cater to your individual needs.

  14. Adjustable Massage Width: Modify your massage width to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalized and effective massage. Customize the massage coverage for a tailored experience.

  15. Spot/Partial Massage: Target specific areas of your body with spot or partial massage options, addressing localized tension and discomfort. Enjoy the flexibility of focusing on specific areas that need extra attention.

  16. Full Body Three Dimensional Airbags: Immerse yourself in a holistic massage experience with three-dimensional airbags enveloping your entire body. Experience full-body compression for ultimate relaxation.

  17. 3-Level Zero Gravity: Elevate your relaxation with three levels of zero gravity positioning, enhancing the effectiveness of your massage. Experience a weightless sensation for a more immersive massage.

  18. Massage Pause Function: Pause your massage at any time for added convenience, allowing you to savor specific moments or adjust your position. Enjoy control over your massage experience.

  19. Child Lock: Ensure safety and prevent unauthorized use with the child lock feature, providing peace of mind. Prioritize safety during your massage sessions.

  20. Graphene Waist Heating: Experience soothing warmth with advanced graphene waist heating, promoting circulation and relaxation. Enjoy the added comfort of targeted heating during your massage.

  21. Over Width Seat: Relax in the spacious over-width seat, providing additional comfort and a luxurious feel. Enjoy a generous seating area for an indulgent massage experience.

  22. HIFI Bluetooth Music & Volume Adjustable: Immerse yourself in a personalized auditory experience with HIFI Bluetooth music and adjustable volume settings. Enjoy your favorite tunes during your massage sessions.

  23. Multi-Function Armrest Controller: Take control of your massage experience with the convenience of a multi-function armrest controller, providing easy access to various features. Navigate your massage settings effortlessly.

  24. Wireless Charging: Stay connected without the hassle of cords with the convenience of wireless charging. Keep your devices charged and within reach during your relaxation sessions.

  25. App Control: Manage your massage preferences and control your chair with ease through the dedicated app, putting customization at your fingertips. Stay connected and in control with modern app functionality.

  26. Timer (5-10-15-20-25-30 mins): Set your desired massage duration with the timer function, allowing you to tailor your session to your schedule. Enjoy personalized massage sessions of varying durations.

  27. USB Charger: Keep your devices charged and within reach with the built-in USB charger, adding a practical touch to your relaxation space. Stay connected during your massage sessions.

  28. Foot Scraping Massage: Revitalize tired feet with the invigorating foot scraping massage, providing relief and comfort. Enjoy the added benefits of foot scraping for enhanced relaxation.

  29. Fully-Wrapped Leg-Foot Massage: Enjoy comprehensive relief with a fully-wrapped leg-foot massage, ensuring every inch of your lower extremities is attended to. Experience thorough and soothing leg-foot massage coverage.

  30. Foot Rollers: Experience ultimate comfort with foot rollers, soothing your feet and enhancing the overall relaxation experience. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of foot rollers during your massage.

  31. Footrest Extension: Extend the footrest for added comfort and customization, accommodating users of different heights. Ensure optimal comfort with an adjustable footrest extension.

  32. Adjustable Footrest Position: Tailor your seating position with the adjustable footrest, ensuring optimal comfort during your massage. Customize the footrest position to suit your preferences.

  33. 4 Colors Switchable LED Lights: Set the ambiance with four switchable LED lights, adding a touch of visual appeal to your relaxation space. Create a tranquil atmosphere with customizable LED lights.

  34. High-Quality Memory Foam Pillow: Rest your head on a high-quality memory foam pillow, ensuring maximum comfort during your massage sessions. Experience superior head and neck support.

  35. Height Limit: 5 ft - 6.4 ft, Weight Limit: 400 Pounds: Accommodate different body types with a height limit of 5 ft - 6.4 ft and a weight limit of 400 pounds, ensuring versatility and accessibility for users of varying sizes. Embrace inclusivity with a design that caters to diverse needs.

This massage chair is not just a chair; it's a holistic wellness experience tailored to your preferences. Elevate your relaxation journey today.

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